IRIS one is a Dutch company that provides ICT services based on Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility. It also provides services such as telephony, infrastructure, application management and support.

IRIS One uses Freshservice as its ITSM solution. In addition, it makes use of Dynamics 365. A number of entities existing in Dynamics 365 needed to be periodically synchronized to Freshservice.

The following general requirements were applicable to the project:

  • Once a day, data is read from Dynamics 365 and stored in the Freshservice environment.
  • It concerns the following Dynamics 365 entities. This was done by”Data mapping”
    • Accounts
    • Contacts
  • Per processing, it is checked if the record exists as. This is explained at paragraph “Data mapping”. If the record exists an update will be executed where the data is overwritten. If the record does not exist then it will be created in Freshservice. For both situations the data mapping is applied.
  • Dynamics Contacts are only processed if the rbac field has been filled.
  • Dynamics data is retrieved via Dynamics service based on the WSDL
  • Freshservice data is retrieved and stored via the Freshservice API

The project was successful and Iris One has now a daily synchronisation between the data of Freshservice and Microsoft Dynamics which helps the workflow tremendously.