Doclogic delivers innovative solutions for digital working and is an important reseller of Decos. The company is a familiar name in the healthcare sector, with educational institutions and NPOs. The Decos Technology Group operates in the Netherlands, India, the Netherlands Antilles and North America, among other countries, and provides software development services in addition to information management solutions such as JOIN and Fixi. With this acquisition, Decos wants to achieve synergy benefits in the field of cloud services and sales and marketing.

DocLogic will start using the Decos Freshdesk environment. For this a migration of data will have to be done in which Tickets, Organizations and Contacts have to be transferred from the DocLogic Freshdesk environment to the Decos Freshdesk environment.

The migration was performed using the Freshdesk API key of a specially configured Doclogic API user. In terms of numbers: approximately 1500 tickets were transferred.