Loyally | Freshdesk x Genesys Premium CTI Demo

This app needs to be bought through the Appfoundry of Genesys 


How can I install the RingCentral Freshdesk CTI application?

You can purchase the app directly through us or through the app foundry of Genesys. We will help you to install and implement the app into your Freshdesk environment.

Are all features of Freshdesk available?

Yes, all the features of the Freshdesk application are available.

I would like to have more/different features in the application. Is that possible?

Yes, this is possible. We develop tailor made solutions for this application for your company. For requests send an email to

Besides that, the application will be updated every 6 months with new features and bug fixes. We will keep you up to date on the new features with our roadmap.

Will voicemails automatically generate a ticket in Freshdesk with this app?

Contact us at to receive more information.

Will a recording link of the conversation automatically be attached in the Freshdesk ticket?

This is possible as an add on. Contact us at to receive more information.