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The CTI apps from Loyally, available for Freshdesk, Zendesk, Vanad Aloha and Salesforce, are THE CTI-solution for companies that want to increase quality and decrease costs. Loyally’s call control apps go beyond other CTI-solutions that only include “click-to-call” and/or “customercard-pop-up”. The apps give you full control over your telephony.

Do you use another CRM system / another phonesystem ? No problem

Loyally also develops state-of-the-art cti’s for other crm systems and/or telephony platforms then mentioned above. Even when your company developed its own crm-system Loyally can offer its services to you.
Cloud based, single-sign-on, omnichannel availability messages, recording on/off for security purposes; it’ s all included.

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Automatically showing the customer card of known customers based on an incoming call

Single sign on

Transferring a call including data ticket

After ending a conversation you can select a wrap-up code

Transferring a call directly

Putting a call on hold

Call manually

Calling a customer by using click to dail

Choosing an outbound number

Searching an agent’s number in the telephone book and calling them

Answering a call

Change your telephony status to “available”, “not available”, etcetera

Transferring a call after consulting

Update your telephony login information

Start and stop recording

Ending a call with data saved in CRM

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