Cannock Chase Public advises and supports governments in the overall recovery process. They carry out their work with the aim of balancing financial and social returns. In 1991 Cannock stood at the cradle of the credit management profession in the Netherlands, motivated to do things differently than the traditional parties. Cannock believes that we can make a difference by understanding their clients’ needs. . Cannock now has more than 350 employees.

The partnership between Loyally and Cannock Chase has lasted for more than 4 years and apart from the expertise hiring of the Loyally team, Loyally also does consulting assignments such as consulting writing for the telephony system and separate integration assignments for Cannock itself.

Apart from the quality of work, the flexibility of this partnership is phenomenal. The good and strong relationship between Loyally and Cannock allows for scaling up and down on a weekly basis.

We are proud to have a partner and client like Cannock in our client base.