Behaviour of the app

The Call Control application is integrated in Freshdesk and will behave differently if a customer is known or not known. When the Call Control detects an incoming call, a background process is started that will search for the customer in Freshdesk based on the incoming phone number and display the results.


Customer Lookup

When a call comes in, the calling customer will be searched in Freshdesk based on their phone number. There are three scenarios that can follow:

Scenario 1: No customer is found

A new ticket will be created and displayed in the Freshdesk browser window. This ticket will be linked to a ‘placeholder’ customer. The details for this ‘placeholder’ customer can be changed during the call by the agent.

Note: Editing the customer details is done with the Freshdesk interface and not with the call control app. The agent can navigate back to the ticket from the customer’s page.

Scenario 2: One customer is found

A new ticket will be created which will automatically linked to the found customer. The new ticket will be shown in the Freshdesk browser window and the matching customer will be shown in the ‘caller matches’ tab (as shown in the image above, but with only 1 result).

Scenario 3: Multiple customers are found:

A list of the found customers is shown to the agent, who can select the appropriate customer. When this happens:

  • The agent can click on a found customer which will result in Freshdesk displaying that customer.
  • The agent can also click a button next to one of the customers, which will be shown when the agent hovers the mouse over the caller match. When this button is clicked a new ticket will be linked to that specific customer and shown in the Freshdesk Browser window.

Explanation of Ticket creation

The app will always create a ticket in Freshdesk as soon as the agent answers the phone. This makes it possible to create reports on any phone related ticket. Even if the agent abandoned the call. This action is followed by one of the next 3 steps:

  • If the phone number is recognized in Freshdesk and belongs to only one customer. The ticket will be linked to that customer immediately upon creation.
  • If the phone number is recognized in Freshdesk and belongs to multiple customers. The app will display a list with customer results. By clicking on the checkbox that becomes visible when the mouse is hovering over the customer result, that customer will be linked to the ticket. It is possible to select another customer if the wrong one was clicked (linked).
  • If the phone number was not recognized in Freshdesk the ticket will be linked to an temporary ‘placeholder’ customer. The agent will be able to edit this customer from within Freshdesk with the caller’s details during the conversation. Customer editing is not a function within the call control app, this has to be done by the agent directly from within the Freshdesk user interface.

One inbound call at a time

The Call Control allows for only one inbound call at a time.