Loyally is proud to announce its partnership with Trengo. Both Dutch companies saw an opportunity to strengthen each other in the customer contact market. Where Trengo focuses on funneling all communication channels into one convenient platform, Loyally focuses on integrating and migrating data from other systems to make it work smoothly in Trengo

About Trengo

Trengo is a B2B SaaS startup from Utrecht, founded in 2015 by Patrick Meutzner and Marcel van de Weerd. Trengo’s software enables company employees to easily collaborate and efficiently communicate with customers across all communication channels from a shared team inbox.

With Trengo, you find all your internal and external information in one place. For example, if a customer sends an email or Facebook message, it will arrive in the same inbox. Super clear! Within Trengo, you also collaborate with your colleagues and take notes as needed. Trengo also uses live chat tools for websites. This tool allows you to chat with website visitors in real time, allowing you to respond very quickly to (potential) customers.

About Loyally

Loyally, founded in 2017, is a specialist in developing CTIs, Computer Telephony Integrations, and data migrations. Loyally makes sure that companies that use different systems, such as CRM, communication or financial systems, can see their data easily and clearly in the leading system. This saves a lot of time for the customer as everything can be seen and found in the lead system, but you don’t lose the strength of each individual specialized system. Loyally has clients like Mollie, Zeeman, Cannock and Leen Bakker in the Netherlands and operates globally for large US, European and Australian companies like Rack Room Shoes, Iptiq and GCPay.


Both companies are very enthusiastic about the partnership and find each other in the common goal of making customer contact as easy and therefore as qualitative as possible. Where Trengo collects all communication from different channels in one platform, Loyally collects the data in the background from different systems to make it as easy as possible for the helpdesk employee to help a customer.

Loyally and Trengo are working toward a world of happy customers.

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