How to get happy agents by integrating RingCentral

RingCentral’s cloud-based solution and integrating it with other systems and apps makes it easier for contact center agents to work Increase job satisfaction and employee satisfaction by providing the tools agents need to perform better at work. Improves job satisfaction. RingCentral’s cloud-based software can simplify the work of agents.

Contact center agent productivity levels are directly related to how happy agents are at work. Management can take steps to ensure their employees are happy on the job, and therefore more productive. RingCentral offers innovative cloudbased solutions that can make the job of agents easier, which can improve their experience and productivity levels. Happy employees are more productive employees. The question is, are your contact center agents happy? If not, what can you do to improve your work experience, increase your productivity, and thus your bottom line?
Contact Center agents need to look forward to check-in at work and feel proud and accomplished in their work. This improves workplace engagement and makes you as productive as possible.

Offer the right tools
Leveraging modern tools in the contact center should be the first step toward boosting happiness among agents.The appropriate communications platform can simplify, streamline, and focus agents` jobs. This will cut down on manual work and increase productivity.

  • Agents currently have to toggle between 8 apps a day. Give them a 360 degree, unified view of the customer with integrated tools and applications, so they can see the customer profile, history and context all in one easytoaccess place.
  • Real time agent assistance and guidance is critical to improving FCR and keeping agents happy. Invest in AI-driven tools that tell agents what to say based on customer intent and how to say it effectively
  • Effective enterprise-wide collaboration tools enable agents to quickly get answers from organization-wide experts and provide a sense of belonging. Ultimately, agents need to be able to access all the data they need from one central location with minimal effort.

Making the Work Environment Pleasant

Although everyone in the workplace has a specific job to do, there’s no reason why the workplace shouldn’t be a pleasant environment at the same time. Agents look forward to working every day to feel happier and more motivated to do their best work, and a fun work environment can be an effective way to promote that. this. One way to make work more fun is to introduce chemistry games, such as competitions, badges and leaderboards, in action. This concept involves applying elements of the game to the workplace and is increasingly being used by organizations to drive employee engagement. Companies have the potential to improve employee satisfaction by 50% by using better QM and applying gamification. (Metrigy WEM Benchmark 2021) According to Zippia, a workplace that includes video games increases employee happiness by 89%. This makes agents more productive and also helps to reduce agency turnover rates. More than two-thirds of workers said they would stay at work for at least three years if they used gamification in the workplace. Making the contact center a fun place to work will make employees feel more motivated to be a part of the company.

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