What is Freshdesk?

What is Freshdesk and how to integrate it.

Freshdesk is customer support software that is cloud-based. It features multiple support channels like telephony, email, social media and chat.

Freshdesk is customer support software that is cloud-based. It features multiple support channels like telephony, email, social media and chat. The user interface of the inbox of Freshdesk and detailed filtering options makes it easy to stay on top of support tickets. The service level agreement (SLA) feature allows your team to define and track support resolution times. With the customer portal, you can customize and create a database of self-service articles. Nowadays Freshdesk is more than just a ticketing system.

Who uses computer telephony integration with Freshdesk?

Organization with a large amount of calls at their helpdesk. The CTI is used to make communication easier, because all the communication can be done from within Freshdesk. When a company has a lot of calls a computer telephony integration helps the communication infrastructure. That’s why CTI is mostly used at call centers and helpdesk centers. Check out our customers here.


The integration between Freshdesk and computer can be applied at different levels. The most simple one is the connection between the phone and the Freshdesk interface. But there is so much more possible like

The marketplace of Freshdesk.

The Freshdesk marketplace has over 200 apps and we’re their premium partner for CTI applications

Today, the Freshdesk marketplace is more than just a place to find and install integrations. It’s a way for developers to build on top of the platform and bring their own ideas to the Freshdesk ecosystem. And that’s what Loyally does as a premium partner. Over the last several months, they have given the developer portal a makeover and added some cool power-ups to our SDK by bringing in support for oauth, backend apps, data storage, notifications and more.

Check out our CTI applications for Freshdesk here: Genesys, RingCentral, Five9 and more on our website: www.loyally.eu/products.

Why make use of computer telephony integration?

There are a few reasons why CTI will help your helpdesk center or call center big time.

  1. Time. All information of the customers is available on one screen. Your client calls, the computer telephony integration recognizes the telephone number, so the helpdesk agent knows which clients calls and automatically all the information of that client, that is known in other systems like, CRM, financial and ERP systems, will pop up in the central display. Which makes that helpdesk agent is able to help the client much quicker.
  2. Customer experience. It’s not only time that makes a huge difference by using CTI for your company. Nowadays it’s important that the customer likes your company and the way you threat them. Companies are rated by customers everyday and one single mistake of the helpdesk can have bad influence on the image of the company. This counts also the other way around, if a customer will be helped perfectly, with his or her question, this will have a positive influence for your company. By using computer telephony integration the helpdesk agent can help the customer quick and accurate which lead to a positive image of the company and a great customer experience.
  3. Lower costs. Less time for helping a customer means less FTEs. Productivity goes up and costs go down.

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