Freshworks Chennai: And the winner is…

My first trip to India, my first trip to Chennai as a partner of Freshworks, started with a short flight from Amsterdam to London Heathrow, a 25-30 minutes transfer to the flight to Chennai and an amazing taxi drive through Chennai in the early morning of March 12.

It was the beginning of an amazing, sometimes puzzling, but overall very inspiring week amongst more than 100 partners from all over the world and enthusiastic employees of Freshworks.

On Tuesday I visited the office of Freshworks, at Infocity, in Chennai. Not only because of the presentations of several ISV partners, but most of all to put faces to names I already knew, or at least half, and share ideas. It proved to be one of the most fruitful days of the entire trip. Being able to talk to so many (young) people, experience their enthusiasm, being able to explain what we, as a small Dutch company, can contribute to their tools and how we could expand, elaborate and grow with them. There was always a listening ear, an understanding nod and helpful suggestions.

The partner conference was rewarding, in the sense that it was more than worthwhile to travel half the world and be present there. Inspiring speeches, workshops, roadmaps, new products, demo’ s. It sometimes made me wonder who I was to be a part of this all. it also was exhausting at times, to hear so many ideas, so many plans. Not because of the quality of the plans and ideas, but because of my inability to see the forest for the trees at every moment.

Of course, there is room for improvement, but isn’ t there always? This does not go for the evenings (the gala and the beach party) of which I cannot reveal anything of course: What happens in Chennai stays in Chennai.

The week at Freshwork made me realize that we are just at the beginning of what will become an even more amazing trip towards realizing extraordinary cx for our customers and their customers

Jan Smulders

CEO Loyally

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