FRESHDESK: Bringing you the Freshdesk CTI Framework

Bringing you the Freshdesk CTI Framework

In the spirit of releasing the Freshdesk SDK and opening up the Freshdesk App Gallery, we’re excited to announce that we’ve launched our Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) framework. With this framework, you can integrate telephony with your helpdesk easily and effectively.

Our CTI framework looks to solve a multitude of problems in most online helpdesks. Whether it is a company wary of the risks of large scale data migration, or a small business reluctant to shift away from their trusted call center software, we aim to address all concerns by releasing a framework capable of building a telephony integration to suit their specific needs.

Once integrated, agents using the system will be able to attend calls, access customer details and history, and maintain context for conversations through the call, right from the comfort of Freshdesk.

In addition to the features mentioned above, the CTI framework will also allow for much deeper functionalities:

Converting calls to tickets

I think we can all agree that the core values of customer support were formulated over the traditional phone. Despite major advancements in modern customer support software, the phone channel still remains an integral part in online helpdesks. It is for this reason that we think the phone should never be a stand-alone element in any helpdesk. With our CTI framework, you’ll be able to convert conversations into new tickets or link them to existing ones. You can organize your support and tie all your support channels closer.

Unified Screenpop

Support over the phone channel can be tricky; agents walk a thin line between sounding too enthusiastic or too robotic. Walking on the right side of this thin line is made exponentially easier with context. With our Unified Screenpop API, you can spring up requester information and details on recent tickets automatically whenever an agent attends a call. Irrespective of whether you want to check ticket history, dig up older solutions or even just call your customer by their first name, we’ve got your back.

Attaching call recordings

Apps can be built to allow call recordings to be attached to tickets. Documenting interactions can help agents deliver better support experiences and help supervisors measure agent performance. It can also be useful for a number of other purposes – attaching a call recording to a private note to circulate across teams for training or reference, sending a generic call recording to a user for a workaround solution, and so on.

Adding private notes

Despite options to record every conversation you have, the habit to take notes during a call is something that cannot be replaced. Not only does it add clarity to your follow up calls, private notes will help you bolster intra office communication for when you might need help, or when certain tickets have to be escalated. Your apps can make shuffling screens or searching for pens during important calls obsolete by letting agents take notes directly in the call interface, to be automatically appended as private notes.

Customized Soft-phones

Different people  have different preferences. Some people are picky about fonts, some about colors, and some are picky about how their phone dialer looks. With our CTI framework, you can tend to everybody’s preferences by offering customized soft-phones within Freshdesk using iFrames. What this basically means is, you could configure your app to pop a soft-phone dialer within Freshdesk, as opposed to using our native UI. Give your app a richer feel by configuring these finer details.

You can get your integration featured on the Freshdesk App Gallery for killer exposure to Freshdesk’s global customer base, or use it internally for your organization. Getting your app up and running on the helpdesk is as easy as making a few configurations.

Be sure to check out existing telephony apps in the Freshdesk App Gallery here, or build your own app from our developer portal.



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