ZENDESK: Do more with more: contact center integrations

ZENDESK: Do more with more: contact center integrations


The Contact Center
Your agents are handling the difficult task of trying to please customers, one phone call at a time. Wait, you say, ’re a contact center—not a call center—and our agents are doing more than answering the phone. So much more.
Good-bye misconceptions, and hello reality. The contact center today is a multi-channel hub of customer support, and if it’s hard to blow customer satisfaction out of the water in one channel, then optimizing across multiple channels may feel like an insurmountable task.


Besides binge-watching episodes of True Detective, that is. (We don’t blame you.) But there’s a lot to think about when it comes to providing multi-channel support. Should you allocate dedicated or blended agents to each channel? How can you forecast for growth by channel, and create a consistent customer experience across channels?
You’re enmeshed in tactical day-to-day operations, walking the tightrope of balancing customer happiness with agent happiness, all the while optimizing for efficiency. Where is that elusive sweet spot where everyone and everything is humming along? An agent’s time on the phone is valuable—are they building relationships with customers or asking annoying, redundant questions? You need data and insight into your contact center to make decisions that will impact productivity, but where can you get this data? What are the right investments that will allow you to save time and do more?


Zendesk Plus or Enterprise integrates easily with a host of voice and chat services, as well as the apps listed below, which are particularly suited for the contact center. Whether Zendesk is your foundation, or a piece of your customer service solution, the apps and integrations below are a great baseline to help maximize your support. It’s easy one-stop shopping.
Voice Integrations
No matter the level of sophistication of your voice requirements, Zendesk has a partner for you. The voice integrations allow companies to make the most of their voice channel by routing calls to the best-suited agents within Zendesk. Through softphones and screen popups, agents receive the call and a full customer profile and ticket history.
There are several great voice integrations for Zendesk: inContact, Five9, Asterisk, Avaya, Genesys, Cisco CAD and Cisco UC Platforms, Loyally, and Shoretel.


Loyally’s provides cleaner, more complete and reliable data around phone numbers. Use this app to add personalization and eliminate the need for agents to ask time-consuming, detailed questions like how to spell a name.

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